Monday, April 18, 2005

PC Home Security

Should I get Protection?

You always need to use protection. This means you should have an antivirus program, and a firewall (I would recommend a router over a software firewall but that will discussed later). But this is not enough, you need to have antispyware software.

What protection should I use?

Well there are alot of choices out there but I am a cheap bastard so I will only mention the ones that are free or very cheap.

Assasinate Antivirus:

There are 2 programs I recommend, AVG Anitvirus or CA's EZ Antivirus.
AVG is free and does a great job, plus it allows for automatic updates.
EZ is the one I use because it was cheap at the time and before AVG existed.

Stay Tuned for Firewall and Antispyware recommendations.


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