Friday, May 27, 2005

Anit-Spyware Programs: the 3 you Need

There are currently 3 programs I full recommend:

1) Microsoft Anti-Spyware

You should download this, even though in beta yet, it is excellent at detectiong, removing, and blocking spyware. After downloading, have it analyze you computer for spyware.

2) Spybot- Search & Destroy

Another excellent program that you should have with the microsoft one. Use the immunize section to block spyware from loading.

3) Finally, Spywareblaster

This program does not scan or remove spyware but it prevents it from loading on to your system. I fully recommend installing this program as well.

If you have any problems with these, please leave a comment and I will respond as soon as possible.

Protection Part 2: Kill the Spyware

The next problem with pc security today is spyware. Spyware is any program that you have not installed yourself but was bundled into a program you have downloaded. These can be very harmful to your computer plus your privacy. They can be malicious and destroy your hard drive to keepinf track of keystrokes, so for online banking there is a potential risk.

Prevention: The best way to prevent spyware is to only download files from trusted websites but sometimes it is hard to tell. Best bet is to download from companies you know or from recommendations from peopel who know computers. All links to software on this site you can trust.

Protection: The following software should be on you computer... (see next post)